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Alessandro Marcheselli

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English, Italian, French, Chinese

A Bit About Me:

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I am an ambitious and academically distinguished student currently pursuing a Master’s in International Business at Business School Lausanne. My early education includes a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Bocconi University, a high school diploma with honors and regional recognition in mathematical competitions.

My professional journey is marked by a rich diversity of experiences, including process optimization and client relations as a Management Intern in Genoa, my hometown. There, I discovered the vast potential for technological advancement within a legal setting. Although I've always had a knack for technology, it was this experience that sparked the concept for Baywood. This realization led me to harness my tech-savviness and entrepreneurial spirit to establish Baywood Advisory, a venture dedicated to integrating advanced tech and AI solutions into businesses.

Relevant Educational/Work Experience

September 2022- January 2023

February 2023 -

August 2019 - November 2022

While working as a manager for the law firm Studio Legale Benazzi in my hometown, Genoa, I found out the incredible opportunities for tech development that can be done in similar settings.

After my contribution to process optimization, the company reported

"a 50% boost in operational efficiency."

During my Master's degree, I significantly enhanced my technological proficiency, through courses such as 'AI for Business' and 'Data Analysis with Python'. These studies provided me with a deep understanding of AI applications and data analysis in a business context. I mastered Python for data analysis, which enabled me to drive data-driven decision-making. The 'AI for Business' course equipped me with the skills to harness AI technology for business process optimization. Additionally, I developed a strong command of APIs, understanding their design and integration, which further broadened my tech capabilities. 

At Bocconi University, I honed my technological skills and achieved an ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) certification. This globally recognized certification affirmed my competence in computer skills, equipping me with a solid foundation in IT. This experience at Bocconi was instrumental in shaping my understanding of technology's role in business, paving the way for my future.

Andrea Marcheselli

Lead Developer

Andrea is proficient in several coding languages (among them: C#, Javascript, and Python) and is the mastermind behind most of Baywood's algorithms.

Beyond his coding expertise on both the front and back end, he ensures that tech and algorithms remain functional on the client's side after implementation.


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27 Gloucester St.

WC1N 3AX,Central London, UK 


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